We offer inspections, maintenance, upgrades and repairs for a variety of Experimental and Light-Sport aircraft, including:

  • Annual condition inspections
  • Pre-buy inspections
  • Periodic preventive maintenance
  • Fiberglass and aluminum airframe repairs
  • Jabiru engine service, propeller strike inspections, upgrades, and overhauls
  • Avionics upgrades (specializing in Garmin and Grand Rapids/GRT Avionics)

Our A&P mechanics are experienced with many popular kitplanes and LSA, including:

  • Jabiru
  • Zenith
  • RANS
  • Sonex
  • Van’s
  • Titan
  • Kolb
  • Arion Lightning
  • CubCrafters
  • Legend Cub

Note to owners of Special Light-Sport Aircraft (S-LSA):  The FAA requires that prior written approval is obtained from the aircraft manufacturer before performing upgrades and repairs that are not specifically listed in the Aircraft Maintenance Manual. Documentation fees from the manufacturer may apply.